Seven Sons #1

Image Comics

Written by Robert Windom and Kelvin Mao

Art by Jae Lee

Colors by June Chung

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: As the world prepares for a once in a lifetime event, a mystery man’s arrival will upend everything.

In a world where Las Vegas has been turned into a religious mecca, a man awakens among the ruble of a building and makes his way into a crowd awaiting the second coming. At the same time, the last member of the Jesi gives an interview where the history of the man is revealed along with the six other members who have been killed over the years.

As the remaining Lord, Pergi gives a healing on live television, the forces allied against him prepare for their next move as the mystery man in the former Las Vegas awakens among the people and remembers everything.

The Story: Windom and Mao craft and intriguing and interesting story in this first issue. The religious and social elements of the story are compelling and the mystery within it is equally compelling. There is an interesting darkness in the story as well as an engaging indictment against blind devotion. I am intrigued by this story and where it goes next.

The Art: Jae Lee delivers some stunning visuals throughout the issue. The style is visually arresting and every page draws the eye.

Seven Sons #1



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