Ben Reilly Spider-Man #5

Marvel Comics

Written by J.M. DeMatteis

Art by David Baldeon

Colors by Israel Silva

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Ben confronts Spidercide and a breakout in Ravencroft will result in revelation.

Spidercide is alive and has decided to have one last encounter with Ben Reilly by releasing all of the inmates from Ravencroft. With Jameson’s forces overwhelmed, Ben must choose between helping his friends or stopping the rampaging inmates.

Ben races off to stop the carnage as Spidercide decides to turn Whelan back into Vermin. A move that will give Kafka time to appeal to the clone’s humanity. Ben’s fight against the inmates will culminate in the hero finally doing things his own way and an unexpected assist that could change everything.

The Story: DeMatteis brings this story to a thrilling and fun conclusion that showcases how unique and interesting a character Ben Reilly is. The story is filled with great action and tension. I loved the interactions between Spidercide and Kafka. I enjoyed seeing Ben take a new tactic with a lot of his enemies and how his view of them evolved. The story ends on a positive note that makes me interested in seeing more stories about Ben in the future.

The Art: Baldeon is a powerhouse with action and emotion in this issue. The art is vibrant, beautifully detailed and visually engaging. A wonderful looking issue with things to capture your eye in every panel.

Ben Reilly Spider-Man #5



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