Season Two Episode 2


Episode 2 opens with Arnold bringing Dolores back online. This time, instead of being in the park, she is in the outside world. Arnold takes her on a walk around the city and to his home under construction. There is a history between the two of them in this moment and there is a definite reason why Dolores is considered his favorite. It’s also in that moment that the limitations to Dolores’ programming show themselves.

Back at the park, Teddy gets his first look at the reality of his world. The revelation doesn’t last long as the scene then returns to the past with William and Logan Delos, the latter getting an introduction to the Hosts with Dolores looking on. Her memories of this time adds an interesting twist to her interactions in the present.


The Man in Black (older William) makes his way back to finding Lawrence out in the wilderness and he gets a taste of the new game, the one that has no rules. He frees Lawrence and decides to tell him about his plans for both the game and the park. Dolores gets answers and she is not shy about how she’s going to get them. We also get our first look at how William convinces Delos to keep his investment in the park. It’s an interesting scene that highlights the beginning chapters of William’s turn.


The most interesting scene in the episode is the confrontation between Dolores and Maeve. It is both tense and enlightening as both sides discuss their ideas of freedom and what it means. Dolores’ turn is the most captivating. She is easily becoming the scariest character in the series and I love it.


This episode seems to go a along way towards establishing the different threads from the previous season. The biggest thread being the revelation of what happened between William and Dolores. It’s a little sad to see, but his revelation about what he built-in the park is infinitely intriguing. This episode goes a long way towards showing the audience the stakes for everyone and it is extremely well paced and acted.

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