Wasp #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Kasia Nie

Colors by KJ Diaz

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Janet and Nadia are forced to face their darkest fear within the Creature from Kosmos.

The Creature from Kosmos has captured both Janet and Nadia as Nadia’s grandfather tries to find a way to break free. At the same time, Jarvis continues to make calls for help, but is unable to get through to anyone.

Inside the creature, both Nadia and Janet find themselves reliving key moments in their lives that the creature thinks will instill fear that he can feed off of. What the creature discovers is that both ladies find a resilience that the creature cannot understand even as it pits the two against each other.

The Story: An entertaining story with some interesting character development for both Janet and Nadia. The plot takes some interesting narrative twists with the Creature from Kosmos and his actions do a great job of enforcing the resilience of the characters. There are some moments that drag a little, but I really enjoyed how the diverging stories come together in the end.

The Art: Nie delivers some great visuals in the story. There isn’t as much action as the previous issues, but I enjoyed the visual style of the issue and how the environments work in context with the story.

Wasp #3



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