Vanish #5

Image Comics

Written by Ryan Stegman and Donny Cates

Art by Ryan Stegman

Inks by JP Mayer

Colors by Sonia Oback

Letters by John J. Hill

The Rundown: Oliver tries to escape the police and find his missing wife, but is anything he’s experiencing real?

After taking down another villain, Oliver finds himself waking up in a mental hospital where everyone, including the former headmaster of his school seems to be. After being told that he is a killer having delusions, Oliver finds himself shifting between different realities and not knowing which one is real.

As he continues to try to escape the police, his hospital world gets just as dangerous and even his wife cannot help him discover what is real. Unfortunately, a face from his past will reveal himself and make things even more dangerous.

The Story: Stegman and Cates deliver an entertaining mind trip of a story in this issue. I love the premise of this issue and how it leaves the reader and the character questioning everything. I also loved the tension the story created by having Oliver deal with the illusion at the same time he’s trying to escape from an even deadlier situation happening to him. The story handles those transitions beautifully and made me excited to get to the end of the issue as well as what comes next.

The Art: Stegman delivers great art throughout the issue. I love the visual look of the transitions and how real and tangible both worlds look.

Vanish #5



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