Vicious Circle #1

BOOM! Studios

Written by Mattson Tomlin

Art by Lee Bermejo

Colors by Lee Bermejo

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: A man displaced in time continues his hunt for the man who has been his eternal enemy.

Shawn Thacker is a man with a secret. Waking up in the rural south in the 60’s with his son wanting to go fishing, Shawn decides that it sounds like a great idea. When his son decides to go down to the cellar to get the poles, Shawn remembers that his violent enemy is locked down there. After going into town, Shawn returns home to find his wife and son violently attacked. An attack that Shawn knows will lead to him being pulled from his current present and thrown through time.

In the wake of his personal tragedy, Shawn finds himself in a dark future. Knowing that the man known as Ferris is still at large, he goes on the hunt. A hunt that will lead to a series of violent encounters across time leaving Shawn in an unknown time and in more danger.

The Story: An incredibly engaging and entertaining first issue from Tomlin. The premise of the series is intriguing and there are some exciting things happening throughout the issue. Tomlin crafts compelling emotional stakes in the issue as well as bigger character and world stakes that make me want to know what happens next. I also loved how unpredictable the story is and the engaging turns that it makes throughout.

The Art: Bermejo delivers some beautiful art in the issue. I love every tonal and visual change in the issue and how each new world is given its own unique visual style. Visually stunning art on every page.

Vicious Circle #1



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