Vampirella Vol 5 #5

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Christopher Priest

Art by Ergun Gunduz

Colors by Ergan Gunduz

Letters by Willie Schubert

Forces continue to gather in opposition to Vampirella as the events that led to the plane crash continue to unfold.


Vampirella continues to tell her therapist about the events that led to the plane crash that brought her to him in the first place. One of those events includes the resurrection of one of her foes and an unexpected visit to her home.

After she’s called off to deal with some family business, the resurrected Mistress Nyx revels not only in her return to life, but her returned humanity. Instead of going after Vampirella directly, Nyx decides to spend some time enjoying her human form, but that doesn’t mean Vampirella is safe.

The Story: Things are getting more interesting and the events that started this series edge closer and Vampirella reveals more to her therapist about the forces gathering around her. Christopher Priest does a good job of keeping the reader engaged in her story and the twists and turns that it takes as more characters are introduced and their stories are allowed to play out. Even with the relatively serious subject matter, Priest allows for humor and a light tone to come through when needed and even the bad guys in this issue are given some likable and interesting moments to enjoy.

The Art: Gunduz’s art perfectly complements the tone and style of this story. There is an effective mixture of character and atmosphere that engage the reader visually. I really enjoy the look of this series and this issue particularly.

Vampirella vol 5 #5




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