796171._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Star Trek Discovery Aftermath #3

IDW Publishing

Written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson

Art by Tony Shasteen

Colors by JD Mettler

Letters by Neil Uyetake

The Rundown: The Klingon insurgents have the Chancellor captured and Spock may be the only one who can stop her murder and possibly save the fragile peace.


Spock and Pike are on the run. After barely escaping from the peace talks, the two officers make their way through the frozen wasteland in order to get back to the meeting location.

With Spock working his way to the Chancellor to attempt to rescue her, L’Rell reveals to her captors that she a few tricks up her sleeve. Tricks that will give those who oppose her a violent and dramatic lesson they will never forget.

The Story: Beyer and Johnson do a perfect job of concluding this story. The issue is filled with great character moments for Spock, Pike and others. The dialogue is fantastic and one of the best aspects of this issue is how it tells the story from Spock’s point of view. As a means of reminding Spock of his duty to Starfleet, this mission hits all the marks of a great personal story and awesome Star Trek adventure. The pace of the story is great and each character is given a moment to shine, especially L’Rell. I hope this story is the beginning of more adventures in this timeline after the disappearance of Discovery.

The Art: Shasteen delivers some dazzling visual moments. The art looks fantastic and both the characters and the action are stunning.

Star Trek Discovery Aftermath #3




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