Vampirella Vol 5 #4

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Christopher Priest

Art by Ergun Gunduz

Letters by Willie Schubert

The Rundown: Vampirella’s complicated life continues to evolve as another story from her recent past interests her therapist.

Vampirella doesn’t have the best history of making good choices and the fact that one of those choices included making out with a nun in a church gives her new therapist plenty of fuel to take her to task about her life and the psychology behind her choices. What makes matters worse is the nun in question is part of the order tasked with killing creatures like her and she is on their list.


As she recalls another story from before the plane crash, the mystery man from the plane makes another appearance as Vampirella talks with her girlfriend and him about the supernatural. He challenges her with a dilemma about saving stranded first-responders in a local forest fire and, to prove him wrong, she springs into action.

Unfortunately, she flies into the situation without thinking and finds herself trapped with both living and dead victims. The living she can save, but the weakness that her thirst is causing might make her rethink if she needs to save them all or sacrifice one to save her life.

The Story: This arc continues to intrigue me. There are a lot of interesting moments in it and a lot of moments where I wonder where this story and going and why. After establishing Vampirella and her role in it, Priest seems to take several steps back to build up the history before diving into the story itself. As interesting as it is to read, it can be a little daunting when you’re wondering where this story is going and what’s going to move it forward.

The Art: Ergun Gunduz impresses with the art in this issue. Everything looks great and the style of the art matches the tone Priest is setting with the story itself. It will be interesting to see what Gunduz can do when the story starts to ramp up its pace.

Vampirella vol 5 #4




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