Firefly #10

Boom! Studios

Written by Greg Pak

Art by Dan McDaid

Inks by Vincenzo Federici

Colors by Joana Lafuente

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: The rescue of Mal takes a back seat to the Unificators and the remaining Browncoats trying to win the war all over again.


Boss Moon and Mal have come to an understanding and is fully prepared to let him go. Unfortunately, her men and the rest of the Unificators have other ideas and try to use Mal as bait to force Zoe and the rest of the Browncoats into a conflict at Serenity Valley. Mal and Zoe need to work fast to stop the conflict, but it’s becoming more difficult when news that Browncoats are revolting all over the verse and taking hostages.

When the regional governor and his Alliance fleet show up to quash the rebellion, he gives Mal a tight leash with which to stop the conflict before it spreads.

At the same time, Jayne decides to take advantage of the chaos and rob a bank with his new friend Leonard and Kaylee in tow.

The Story: Greg Pak does a great job of both expanding the action of this story, but keeping it character focused. The dialogue is well written and all of the characters are given moments that are both fun and intense. This was a great continuation of this story and the adventure continues to keep me engaged as a reader. I like all of the character dynamics and I am interested in seeing where this story goes next.

The Art: Dan McDaid’s style is the perfect for the gritty, action heavy tone of this story. A great looking issue.

Firefly #10




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