Titans Burning Rage #3

DC Comics

Written by Dan Jurgens

Art by Scot Eaton

Inks by Wayne Faucher

Colors by Jim Charalampidis

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: The Teen Titans have to take out the Disruptor before he releases chemical bombs in San Francisco. Unfortunately, that is not the only threat the have to face.


Beast Boy has to move in to stop Raven from destroying the Disruptor’s soul as her rage threatens to destroy everything and everyone around her. He manages to reach his friend in time, but that only leaves seconds to remove the remaining bombs from the area. It’s going to take a miracle in the form of Garfield to get the bombs out the city.

With one threat neutralized, the team discovers HIVE’s actual plan and have no time to lose as they race to stop them and the Disruptor. It will take an ambitious plan from Tim Drake and teaming up with some unlikely allies to stop HIVE and their plan to sow chaos across the globe.

The Story: A fun conclusion to this particular arc. Dan Jurgens captures the tone of the Teen Titans perfectly in this issue with a combination of high stakes and comedy. Giving Beast Boy a larger presence in this issue worked as well as his dynamic with Raven is what was needed. The dialogue is well done and the story unfolds with flair. I really enjoyed how the story wrapped up and what that means going forward for this series.

The Art: Scot Eaton delivers some impressive and beautifully rendered moments throughout this issue and all of the characters look amazing.

titans burning rage #3




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