Uncanny Valley #2

BOOM! Studios

Written by Tony Fleecs

Art by Dave Wachter

Colors by Dave Wachter

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Oliver finds himself on a dangerous road trip with his grandfather.

Oliver and his grandfather are on the run across the desert with Oliver finally starting to learn things about his family and what he is. After asking some tough questions of his cartoon grandfather, the pair find themselves being attacked by an anvil wielded by a cartoon coyote who wants them both dead.

At the same time, Oliver’s mother manages to escape and decides to go looking for her son herself. A mission that will require answers from a strange prisoner and get the attention of a dark force in a hidden land.

The Story: Fleecs continues to create an entertaining and engaging story with some wonderful thrilling moments. The story delivers a solid and interesting mystery as well as creating a wonderful fantasy for the reader. I like the energy and momentum of the story and I continue to enjoy the world being created within this series. There is a great sense of wonder to the story and I look forward to seeing the next part of the story.

The Art: Wachter does a fantastic job of visually blending the cartoon elements with the “real” world and I love the contrasts between them including the familiar characters inhabiting the world. A visually fun and entertaining adventure.

Uncanny Valley #2



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