TF2019_03_cvrATransformers #3

IDW Publishing

Written by Brian Ruckley

Art by Angel Hernandez and Cachet Whitman

Colors by Joana Lafuente

Letters by Tom B. Long

The news that there has been a murder on Cybertron begins to reverberate across the planet and the assassination attempt against Megatron has everyone on edge.


The investigation into the death of Brainstorm continues as Prowl, Chromia and the others build a list of suspects. Beyond trying to find whoever is responsible for the first murder in a long time on the planet, protecting the planet from learning the truth and causing mass hysteria becomes harder to accomplish.

Megatron has learned the truth of Brainstorm’s death and his call for answers attracts more followers to the Ascenticon cause. Orion Pax is called to a meeting with the senate and on the way, he learns that there is a link between the attempted assassination of Megatron and the murder investigation. Pax wants to find the killer before Sentinel Prime returns and is suspicious of the attempt on Megatron’s life. He leaves Ironhide to deal with it as he goes to a secret meeting in a remote area of Cybertron.

At the same time, Rubble is visited by more transformers with more questions about what he knows. With unease growing among the populace, no one is above suspicion.

Brian Ruckley continues to create an interesting and compelling mystery with this issue. All of the intrigue works and the increase in the tension through the dialogue holds the interest of the reader. I continue to be interested in where this story is going, especially where it is going next.

Angel Hernandez and Cachet Whitman deliver some beautifully detailed art throughout this issue and all of the characters look amazing.


Transformers #3




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