750514._SX1280_QL80_TTD_The Amazing Nightcrawler #3

Written by Seanan McGuire

Art by Juan Frigeri

Colors by Dono Sanchez-Almara

Letters by Travis Lanham

After a disastrous night with Meggan, Kurt returns to the studio to find a mysterious woman waiting for him. Nightcrawler wants answers, but the woman known as Mystique will not give them up willingly. She is holding a file for him and is unwilling to give him any more information which culminates in a fight that allows her to escape. When he returns to pick up the file, he discovers that it contains details of a little girl that he knows is his.


Unable to rectify the new information that’s been given to him, Kurt finds himself distracted at work. Something everyone, including Meggan, can see. When he finally manages to regain his focus, Kurt realizes that this secret is something he can’t keep to himself and enlists Meggan to help him. With an assist from the Cuckoo’s, Kurt and company make their way to Portland to intercept the girl before she is transferred, but they end up running into trouble instead.

Seanan McGuire has added some intrigue into this story and this plot does a great job of moving Kurt’s story beyond the forbidden love relationship with Meggan. With the stakes raised for him personally, it will be interesting to see how the X-Men member and movie star handles the new information he received and whether or not his continued clandestine activities will earn him the same fate as Bishop.

Juan Frigeri does some fantastic work with the art in this issue. All of the characters look great and the fight between Kurt and Mystique looks amazing.

The Amazing Nightcrawler #3




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