oliver-3_034e9e2be9Oliver #3

Image Comics

Written by Gary Whitta

Art by Darick Robertson

Colors by Diego Rodriguez

Letters by Simon Bowland

In the midst of his anger, Oliver and company will find themselves under siege.

A devastated and angry Oliver takes to the streets to work things out, but the rain can’t hide both his tears and the lights of the military chopper over the city. The chopper wants one thing, the hybrid they are hiding. They want Oliver, but he is determined to not make it easy for them.


The soldiers fan out and conduct house to house raids looking for the young man, but Oliver has taken to the rooftops and emerges to fight back when his home is raided. His act inspires the other former soldiers in the city to rise up and help him. When he finds himself in a situation he wasn’t expecting, he finds that an act of kindness performed earlier is enough to inspire another.

This issue is definitely more action focused in comparison to the previous issues. Gary Whitta has raised the stakes for both Oliver and the community that has raised and protected him. Oliver’s act has ignited a spark within many of the former soldiers and it will be interesting to see how that fire grows, what directions it takes and how it will affect Oliver himself.

Darick Robertson’s art is amazing. Every scene with both the characters and the rain together look beautiful and evoke emotion from the reader.

Oliver #3




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