Titans United: Bloodpact #5

DC Comics

Written by Cavan Scott

Art by Lucas Meyer

Colors by Tony Avina

Letters by Carlos M. Mangual

The Rundown: The Titans fight both friend and foe to free the world.

Conner is set for execution, but has been playing possum the entire time. As he escapes to take on Brother Blood and Raven, the rest of the Titans move in to help only to find themselves fighting against Beast Boy. Donna is determined to kill Raven while the rest of the Titans are fighting to save her.

As the fight continues and a tragic moment is revealed, Donna goes into a rage. A rage that will put the entire plan at risk until Dick does something unexpected. As the Titans regroup, Donna takes her revenge only to reveal that they have all been duped.

The Story: Exciting, engaging and filled with great action, Scott does a wonderful job of crafting a story that brilliantly ramps up the stakes for the characters as well as the world they exist in. I like the twists the story takes and how it continues to increase the tension for the characters as they grapple with their circumstances as well as their interpersonal relationships. I look forward to the finale based on the action and surprises in this issue.

The Art: Meyer delivers some beautiful art in the issue. Everything from the characters to the environments look amazing and the action is visually intense and beautifully detailed.

Titans United: Bloodpact #5



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