DC Universe

Season 2 Episode 2


In the post-Trigon aftermath, Dick is trying to be a mentor to his new team of Titans, but an old foe of the original Titans is out for vengeance on the team.


Dick Grayson still doesn’t know who he is as a hero with the new Robin, Jason Todd, staying at Titans Tower per Batman’s orders. So he decides that he is going to be a mentor to the young heroes in his charge as Jason and Gar spar in the gym and Raven does her best to help as much as she can. Dick as team mentor is good to see and there are moments when he subtly manipulates Jason that make him interesting to watch.


At the same time, Kory and Donna are on a stakeout after Donna gets info from Roy Harper that an old enemy of theirs is on the loose and about to hit the area. The back and forth between Kory and Donna is fun to see and it is nice to have both characters moving beyond the confines of the team to work as heroes on their own.


When Rose Wilson emerges and goes on the run, Dick intervenes to help the scared young woman, but she is clearly hiding something from them. I don’t really like to speculate to deeply into a season this early, but everything about this plot and the release of Doctor Light from prison screams of a Deathstroke plot. With that in mind, it is fun seeing how the plot unfolds and what form it will take when the villain finally reveals himself.

The Hawk and Dove moments are well done as well and the parallel between their addiction counseling story and the addictive nature of being heroes is well done. If there is one part of the episode that felt off is the father/son moment between Bruce and Dick on the phone. Iain Glen seems to be playing Bruce as a Ward Cleaver style sitcom dad weaving sage advice while he sips tea and reads. There’s no edge to this Bruce Wayne. Nothing that gives the impression that this guy stalks the night taking out bad guys. You could have Dick talking to Alfred and get the same effect and have it make more sense.


Titans S02XE02




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