DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 3


Kory is featured more prominently in this episode that finds Rachel in the hands of the Nuclear Family and their pseudo-Leave it to Beaver vibe is annoying at best. Their possession of Rachel is short lived when Kory tracks them down and proceeds to incinerate Dad before escaping with Rachel. 

Kory’s mission to find Rachel becomes more complicated because she doesn’t know why she’s tracking the girl or who she really is. Kory’s amnesia isn’t really explored in this episode, but it is interesting and fun to see her discovering her powers and skills in scenes like the fight in the restaurant when Kory and Rachel stop for food only to leave abruptly after some unruly patrons get handled by her. Kory decides to take Rachel to a local convent that was featured in a picture from her mother on the chance that they might find some answers.

At the same time, Dick is tracking Rachel and Kory. There is a lot of tracking in this season so far and a lot of it seems to be unexplained except for Dick’s suitcase of gadgets. While Dick is closing in on Kory and Rachel, he flashes back to his upbringing and his first few days in Wayne Manor. Bruce who offers him another way witnesses his frequent escapes from the house and anger. I like that Bruce is kept in shadow in this episode. Featuring him would be a distraction from Dick’s story and he should be more of a presence than a flesh and blood person to Dick while he resolves his personal issues. 

The first few scenes between Dick and Kory are interesting. Kory seems to have a natural dislike for Dick that isn’t really defined. It seems to have something to do with Dick’s authoritarian way of dealing with things. As the pair tries to decipher what Kory was studying about Rachel, the girl’s time in the convent comes to a violent end when her dark side takes over. In her subsequent escape, she runs into another familiar face. 

The performances continue to be great from all of the actors and the story is progressing along well. There’s enough mystery with each character to keep the viewer interested in seeing what happens next and what those secrets and mysteries will mean to the team when they are revealed.

Titans S01XE03




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