DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 2

Hawk and Dove

Not knowing what to do with Rachel after discovering the violent aftermath of the manifestation of her powers, Dick decides to take the young woman to “friends” who might be able to help. 

The friends Dick chooses are Hank Hill and Dawn Granger also known as the vigilante dup Hawk and Dove. The episode takes the time to create an interesting and satisfying arc for them that makes sense with the characters being spun off into their own series. Hawk and Dove are trying to get out of the life of crime fighting and Hank’s injuries, both physical and emotional, are one of the driving factors. If they can take out one more gang, then they will have enough to retire on and get the help Hank needs. 

When Dick shows up at their door with Rachel, the girl can feel that there is a history between the two of them and Hank’s jealousy and anger at seeing Dick is more evidence that it’s something that happened when they worked together years ago. Alan Ritchson is great as Hank. He brings the bravado and anger that the role needs while also being charming enough to make the audience see why Dawn stays with him. Minka Kelly is great as Dawn as well. She immediately falls into the role of peacemaker between Hank and Dick and her smile is disarmingly sweet. 

The dynamic between Dick and Rachel gets more complicated as his own issues force him to make a decision that severely strains the fragile trust he’s built with the scared young girl. Those moments are well done and Teagan Croft is amazing in those scenes. 

The introduction of the Nuclear Family into the episode is handled well and they prove to be formidable enemies in a brutal fight sequence at the end of the episode. This episode is full of interesting moments, but the human drama is what makes this episode work.

Titans S01XE02




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