DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 4

Doom Patrol

Gar Logan is the focus of this episode as the last episode ended with Gar finding Rachel in the woods and convincing her to some with him. After wandering in the woods for a while, they come upon some hunters and Gar gets to manifest his powers in order to scare them away from the area. 

With the coast clear, Gar takes Rachel to the mansion that he lives in and she is introduced to the members of Doom Patrol. After learning about them, they all sit down to dinner as April Bowlby’s Elasti-Woman arrives. Her arc in the episode is interesting and offers some of the more impressive visuals of the episode. When Niles Caulder/ The Chief arrives with a new patient, Rachel uses her abilities to calm the scared woman. This makes her an interesting test subject for Caulder who thinks he can cure her of her condition. 

At the same time, Dick and Kory are looking for Rachel as well and Dick’s investigation leads him to the home of one of the hunters. Their confrontation leads to a violent exchange that Kory can barely bring Dick back from the brink of. This scene adds another interesting element to Dick Grayson because it contrasts with his thinking that putting on the suit is what is making him more violent. 

When they finally track Rachel down, they find that Caulder has bitten off more than he can chew trying to get to the bottom of Rachel’s condition and he might pay a high price for trying if Dick can’t stop her.

The episode does a really good job of moving along the character relationships and helping Dick realize that there is more going on than just his own personal issues. The introduction of the Doom Patrol is handled well, but there isn’t much to signify what their purpose is or where they go next as a team. Still, a solid episode with some great performances.

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