Thor #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Mike Del Mundo

Colors by Mike Del Mundo and Marco D’Alfonso

Letters by Joe Sabino

Thanos, the ultimate wedding crasher, has traveled to Niffleheim to stop Hela from marrying Baldur. While Hela thinks the Mad Titan is there to help her reclaim her throne, he reveals he’s there for a completely different purpose. One that is comical in how mundane it is. Devastated by Thanos’ words, Sindr takes the opportunity to attack the wedding party and slaughter as many of the guests as possible. While the Odinsons and their allies fight back as hard as they can, Loki works to find a way to retrieve Thor from Valhalla.

Thor has decided to recruit the army of the Valkyries to fight against Sindr and her hordes and after convincing them to fight at his side, he is recalled to the battle with renewed vigor and a formidable army at this back. An epic battle follows that results in a sacrifice made out of love, a new ruler of Hel, a wedding and Loki exacting a form of payment for services rendered that baffles and concerns everyone involved.

I really enjoyed this issue and how it came to an end with this particular storyline. Even though the pacing was faster in this conclusion, it never felt rushed. As a reader, I found myself immersed in the action and intrigue and enjoyed all of the character interactions, especially and including the Thanos/Hela scene. It was such an interesting twist on the interpersonal relationship between these two despotic rulers. It almost made me feel sorry for Hela in a way. It also served to make me intensely interested in what Thanos is going to do next.

Mike Del Mundo’s art is sublime. I loved how each page was framed and how skilled the art looked on the page. There were panels that reminded me of great works of art and visually, I was impressed with everything that I saw. Both the art and the story in this issue are great and I love how it doesn’t end the overall arc Thor is involved in, but it gives the reader a look ahead at what Thor and his new team will be facing in the war against Malekith.

Thor #4




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