Multiple Man #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Matt Rosenberg

Art by Andy MacDonald

Colors by Tamra Bonvillain

Letters by Travis Lanham

The ridiculousness of Jamie Madrox continues as he has his team secured in their bunker with no exit and an army of duplicates just outside the door. The fact that he killed his Hulk dupe makes the odds that much worse for the team, but Jamie has another mission. His Warlock dupe reminds him that he needs to send his other dupes into the future to stop this madness and he goes to Forge to get him to build devices to send them to the future. With the wolves at the door, Forge tells him he needs two days. Jamie tells him he has nine minutes and then all hell breaks loose.

As the chaos continues all around him and Jamie’s lack of planning continues to get people killed, the forces of Emperor Madrox get closer and closer forcing Jamie and his companions to make some drastic decisions and sacrifices for the small amount of hope that Jamie Madrox might actually be able to make things right. A task that becomes easier said than done when Madrox is captured and taken to the Emperor. It’s a pretty intense and funny scene with the two of them confronting each other and it takes a pretty intense turn in the final page.

Rosenberg continues to find ways to make me care about and connect with Jamie Madrox. This issue was a lot more action oriented and it went to some really dark places really fast, but it was definitely an entertaining ride as a reader. Rosenberg has managed to keep the reader on edge with this series and this issue especially by crafting moments that are a complete surprise and injecting those moments with humor that works.

Andy MacDonald’s art does a great job of complementing the story and the action beats work seamlessly with the comedy to keep the overall intensity of the moment without sacrificing the narrative and the humor. Another fun issue that left me wanting to know what happens next and unable to possibly predict what that could be.

Multiple Man #3




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