TheWeatherman_04-1The Weatherman #4

Image Comics

Written by Jody Leheup

Art by Nathan Fox

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Steve Wands

On another part of Mars, a man named Garren and his crew are involved in a deal that goes south. Fortunately, they were prepared to be double crossed and they manage to make it out alive with the goods and the money. As they celebrate their good fortune and the money they received, a knocked out Amy is reliving the worse day of her life. One that explains both her attitude and her hatred for Nathan Bright.


Nathan is on the run, in disguise and trying to get something to eat when he is intercepted by a couple of mercenaries who take him. Amy decides to go to Garren for help and it is established that they are not friends. After agreeing to help him, Amy discovers that Garren is working with the people who took Nathan and she better find him quickly because a vid offering the opportunity to torture and kill Nathan goes live and there are billions of people willing to bid for the chance.

Leheup takes a slower, more deliberate tone with this issue and the contrast between this and the action packed last issue is effective in getting the reader deeper into the story and allowing the characters to develop more. I liked the pacing of this issue and the fact that we get to know more about Amy as well as see more of life on Mars. It’s a really good issue that continues to build the stakes for both Nathan and Amy with a really effective cliffhanger.

Nathan Fox’s art in this issue is great. I loved the details both in the character as well as the backgrounds. Everything worked really well to deliver a great issue.

The Weatherman #4




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