CharliesAngels0404021BCifunCharlie’s Angels #4

Dynamite Comics

Written by John Layman

Art by Joe Eisma

Colors by Celeste Woods

Letters by Taylor Esposito

Everything comes to a head as the President of the United States finds himself in the crosshairs of a sniper’s rifle being held by one of the Angels. After capturing the man sent to bomb their safe house, the Angels find themselves in Paris planning their next move. They won’t get too long to plan as the Satansbraten have other plans for them.


At the same time, the two masterminds behind the plan still have Charlie and Ted captive and decide to recap the entire series in their explanation to Ted. When the Angels wake up they are given a choice to either kill the President or lose Charlie, Ted and their own lives. A last minute plan by Jill might be the only way that they can get out of this latest mess alive and rescue the President before it’s too late.

In the penultimate issue of this story, Layman continues to have fun with the characters, tropes and sensibilities of the original series and that continues to be the factor that keeps this story fun. The Angels continue to be capable and fearless and it makes their actions in the story more believable. I really enjoy how they are written and the pace of the story keeps with the characters.

Eisma does some fun art in this issue and I like how it complements the tone of the story. There are some fun and light colors in this issue as well that are worth mentioning.

Charlie's Angels #4




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