The Variants #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by Phil Noto

Colors by Phil Noto

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Jessica continues to deal with Variant versions of herself as a dark anniversary looms.

Jessica finds herself facing off against two variant versions of herself and her thoughts drift back to a moment in her past with Tigra and the formation of A-Force. After snapping out of her daydream, the tension mounts when Dani walks in on the encounter. When Luke arrives, the others split and Jessica realizes that she needs to tell her husband the truth about what might be happening to her.

Before getting an ominous call about another victim of Killgrave, Jessica sees the man who ruined her life in her mind. A moment that scares her and forces her to send the people she loves most away. After having an awkward moment with Daredevil and calling in some help from a friend who would be able to keep her physically out of danger, a crash in Dani’s room brings Jessica face to face with another variant who seems just as confused as she is.

The Story: Simone delivers a wonderful mystery in this series and this issue and does so with great dialogue, humor, charm and empathy for Jessica as a character. I love her struggle in this story and this issue does a brilliant job of highlighting the things she is willing to fight for as well as how hard it continues to be to keep the secrets that are hurting her. I love the progression and evolution of the story and cannot wait for the next issue.

The Art: Noto delivers some beautifully detailed and stylish art that visually draws me in with every character and location.

The Variants #2



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