The Unkindness of Ravens #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Dan Panosian

Art by Marianna Ignazzi

Colors by Fabiana Mascolo

Letters by Mike Fiorentino

The Rundown: Wilma Farrington will discover that her first day at a new school will be more than just finding her classes.

After a personal tragedy, Wilma and her father move back to his hometown of Crab’s Eye. Things get awkward when Wilma starts her first day at school and discovers that a local girl has gone missing. A girl who looks exactly like her and whose locker she’s been assigned. After potentially making a new friend, Wilma is immediately confronted by the two opposing factions in the school.

Both sides seem to want Wilma to be a part of them and the new girl in school will have to decide what path she wants to take. After deciding to meet one of the groups in the woods behind the school, Wilma will discover that there is something different about Crab’s Eye.

The Story: Dan Panosian crafts an interesting story with this first issue. There are a lot of high school cliches throughout the narrative and the characters are a little too familiar, but the plot is entertaining. The mystery of the missing girl and the history of the town are engaging and those elements make me willing to give the next issue a read.

The Art: Marianna Ignazzi delivers some interesting art in this issue. The art is reminiscent of Archie Comics in their character designs and that tone is perfectly suited for this story.

The Unkindness of Ravens #1



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