The United States of Captain America #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Christopher Cantwell and Josh Trujillo

Art by Dale Eaglesham and Jan Bazaldua

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by VC’s Joe Carmagna

The Rundown: When Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson chase after a thief, they encounter a surprising young hero.

“You Brought Two Too Many”

While Steve Rogers prepares his shield for an exhibition, he thinks about the American dream and its positive and negative effects. Suddenly, he is attacked and a valuable object is stolen in the conflict. Steve then contacts Sam Wilson (as the Falcon) to assist in his search for the thief. Later, their adversary creates a deadly incident. While the two heroes aid endangered citizens, they are met by a young man in an interesting uniform. He tells his story and reveals something surprising. Then, the group are attacked by a sniper with an unusual target. Finally, Steve and Sam decide to team up and find a network of heroes scattered throughout the country.


Aaron Fischer narrates his history. When he receives a tip that displaced and unhoused kids are disappearing, he decides to investigate. Aaron then uncovers an inhumane plot by Roxxcorp. To make a stand, he dons a Captain America uniform and fights against the mega corporation. Later, he and his partner embark on a journey.

The Story: This episode has two brilliantly written connective stories that are meant to highlight the symbolism of Captain America. I found these narratives to be deeply emotional. Steve’s assessment of America delves into the conflicting culture and heritage messages that are currently being heavily discussed. And Aaron Fischer’s tale is both heartbreaking and anger inducing. Aaron’s resilience is awe inspiring. Hopefully, his story will uplift kids and young people who are struggling with sexual identity and/or housing displacement. I am very excited about this series, and I look forward to the next chapter.

The Art: This is a beautiful and colorful issue with a color palate based on blue tones. The drawings are in a modern comic book style and filled with detail. The action scenes are well done, and I was completely transported into the stories.

The United States of Captain America #1



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