Eternals #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Esad Ribic

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The Eternals work to lure in a suspect as Thanos reveals the nature of his return.

Sersi returns to Earth to seek the help of Tony Stark. After seeming to betray him, Gilgamesh emerges from a portal to stop her. Unfortunately, this was all part of Sersi’s plan to lure him out so Ikaris can take him. At the same time, Druig confronts Thanos about his plan and learns the circumstances of how the Mad Titan returned as well as the fact that Thanos is working for someone else.

After interrogating Gilgamesh, he offers to join them in their investigation in order to help the machine, but the tension between he and the rest of the group remains high. At the same time, Sprite continues to protect Toby. When the Eternals return home, they discover that the sabotage of the machine leads to an unexpected saboteur. Someone none of them expected and who all of them will have to find.

The Story: I continue to be impressed with the depth of this story as well as the narrative choices that Gillen makes. The narration does a great job of breaking up the tone of the story so everything doesn’t seem so ominous as to be morose. The plot is very dense and does a great job of keeping the reader engaged as well as continuing to build both its world and the tension of the plot. I was highly impressed with where the story went and surprised at the cliffhanger ending as well as the reveals made throughout the issue.

The Art: Ribic delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. There are great character moments to be seen and the Phastos scenes are brilliantly designed.

Eternals #5



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