Shang-Chi #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Gene Luen Yang

Art by Dike Ruan

Colors by Triona Farrell

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Shang-Chi must infiltrate a criminal auction to secure a powerful weapon.

Shang-Chi gathers his forces for a new mission. One that has huge ramifications. With his brother by his side, they infiltrate a supervillain auction where the biggest prize is its most destructive, a cosmic cube. After finding out that the auction is being run by someone with a close connection to Takeshi. A personal one that threatens to compromise the mission.

After being introduced as the new head of the Five Weapons Society, Shang and Takeshi mingle with the others and try to fit in. When the auction begins and Shang finds himself outbid for the cube by agents of the Hand, the intervention of Captain America throws the auction into turmoil. In order to both save his cover and secure the cube, Shang will have to face off against his friend, but things are not all they seem.

The Story: Shang-Chi’s battle to straddle the line between his two worlds continues to be a great source of drama. Gene Luen Yang brings both humor and mystery to this issue and there are great character and action moments throughout. As thrilling as the story is, the humor is equally as engaging. I found myself smiling at several points in the story and having MODOK in it was a great choice. I like that Shang is still dealing with family issues as well and those issue will inevitably come to a head. I look forward to seeing how this series progresses.

The Art: Dike Ruan delivers some powerful and beautifully drawn panels throughout this issue. There is a lot of action in the plot and Ruan masterfully brings both the power and energy of the action out on each page.

Shang-Chi #2



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