The Umbrella Academy


Season 2 Episode 2

The Frankel Footage

Diego makes a daring escape, Number 5 makes a startling discovery and two members of the family meet again face to face.


After Number 5 arrives in the past, he finds a man who has been watching the alley for years and documenting the arrival of the other siblings. With one clue, he is able to locate Diego who has made a strange new friend while working on his plan to escape the asylum and rescue John F Kennedy.

Vanya ventures into the city to pick up the husband of the woman who saved her life and whom she lives with. After finding him lying in the street, his forgotten wallet leads to Luther seeing his sister again. Diego and Five infiltrate their father’s company to find out what he has to do with the Kennedy assassination and find trouble. The Handler returns and finds that things have changed at the Commission during her absence.


Though not as visually exciting or fast paced as the first episode, the second episode of this season does a great job of not only bringing us up to speed with where the characters are, but also starting to shrink their world to the point of guaranteeing that they will find each other again. Even without Five in the lead, the characters are strong enough to motivate themselves in interesting ways. Luther’s confrontation with Vanya is an episode highlight and it shows his conflicted nature both in how he tries to be the hero, but also coming to terms with his relationship with his father and how that same man screwed up his sister.


There are a lot of close calls in this episode and that is fun up to a point. The Luther/Vanya moment was great, but the Klaus/Allison stuff was a little forced. The Diego fight scene was visually great and had an unexpected and brilliant conclusion. Everything with the Handler was both visually striking and entertaining. Kate Walsh kills it in this episode and her journey looks to be one of the more interesting ones this season.


The Umbrella Academy S02XE02




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