The Twilight Zone

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Season 2 Episode 2


Michelle gets the job of her dreams, but a mysterious orb in the sky will make her question her reality.


Michelle has finally gotten the job she’s been working towards since she started working at the hotel. She is the manager and everyone that she knows there is happy for her. On her first day in the new role, she takes a break at a coffee shop where a mysterious noise not only causes her severe pain, but makes everyone around her stop what they’re doing and stare up at the sky.


After seeing a giant orb in the sky everyone is staring at, Michelle goes home to discover that her husband is not the person she knew and that a group of people are there to convince her that she is part of a simulation and she needs to wake up. They even bring in her wife from the real world to convince her, but Michelle isn’t convinced that what they are telling her is the truth.


This is an interesting episode that does the best thing it could by not burying the mystery of the orb to the third act. The story is laid out convincingly and the performances are great from Morena Baccarin and Serinda Swan. As interesting as the plot and the ideas in it are, the episode falls apart towards the end because it looses the tension it has been building throughout. When Michelle escapes back to the hotel, the story seems s confused about what to do next as the main character and the introduction of Tony Hale’s character towards the end seems like the writer’s way of writing themselves out of a corner.

The Twilight Zone S02XE02




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