The Twilight Zone

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Season 2 Episode 1

Meet In The Middle

A socially awkward man finds his life turned upside down when he falls in love with the voice of mysterious woman in his head.


Phil has a problem connecting with people. His recent date with a woman he meets online is hampered by his obsessing over little things like her hair and when he tunes out the conversation, he finds himself hearing the voice of a woman talking to directly to him in his head.

After initially dismissing the voice and then arguing with it over their shared experience, Phil discovers that the voice belongs to a woman named Annie. As the two get to know each other without meeting face to face, he learns of her complicated personal life and the two finally decide to meet. Unfortunately, Annie is in some real world danger and Phil might not be able to reach her in time to save her.


The first episode of the second season has a classic feel to it, like it could have been on the original series. It is uniquely character based and that is what makes it work. You follow the journey Phil is taking and when his journey finally brings him face to face with the elusive Annie, the final twist is classic Twilight Zone. The whole time, I wondered who or what Annie was and prepared myself for a myriad of different scenarios. What I got was totally unexpected and uniquely satisfying.

Jimmi Simpson is great as the neurotic Phil and his performance is filled with emotion and drama. There are moments throughout where Simpson convinces you in the same scene that Annie is real or that he is mentally unstable often in the same scene. It is engaging to see his descent into despair when the communication is shut off only to feel his elation when Annie agrees to run away with him.


Gillian Jacobs is able to convey a complex, interesting character in Annie using only her voice. Falling for her is easy to understand through her performance and that is what makes the ending all the more unexpected.

The Twilight Zone S02XE01




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