ThrillingAdventureHour_004_A_MainThe Thrilling Adventure Hour #4

Boom! Studios

Written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker

Art by MJ Erikson

Colors by Meg Casey, Fred C Stresing and Katya Granger

Letters by Mike Fiorentino

The reporter is trying to find a way to deal with his new existence as a ghost and he’s finding the rules a little hard to decipher. There are people who can see him. He can enter locations and touch certain things, but others elude him. As he tries to uncover what is happening to him, the mystery of the janitor continues to call to him and he gets a rather benign explanation for the Janitor’s behavior.


Meanwhile, Frank and Sadie Doyle are enjoying an evening alone when they go out onto their balcony and find the sky filled with Vampires. With the Dark Prince getting closer, the leader of their group demands that the Doyle’s let him in so that he can finish them off. Unfortunately, he is subject to one of the more obscure and weird rules about Vampires as the Doyle’s take no time in explaining all the ways they will not invite him in. It’s a deliciously funny exchange between the two parties as the Vampire does everything he can to get inside and the Doyle’s find keeping him out and drinking to be more amusing.

Acker and Blacker continue to create memorable moments for Frank and Sadie with each character getting to shine individually and as a couple. The banter between Frank and Sadie is hilarious and warm. There is a genuine sense of connection between these two characters and the two of them can seemingly take on anything by working together. The side stories are fun and do a really good of fleshing out the world of the Doyle’s It will be interesting to see how these storylines converge.

Erikson’s art is really good and I sincerely love the style and how it fits the fun tone of the story.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4




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