709706._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Mystery Science Theater 3000 #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Harold Buchholz, Joel Hodgson, Matt McGinnis, Seth Robinson, Sharyl Volpe and Mary Robinson

Art by Todd Nauck and Jack Pollock

Colors by Wes Dzioba and Jack Pollock

Letters by Michael Heisler

Kinga Forrester is feeling triumphant. The Bubblat-r is working and that means Jonah and the Bots are still trapped in the comics that Kinga is feeding into the machine. Jonah and Crow find themselves in the 40’s hero comic Black Cat.


In the comic, Black Cat is the scourge of the criminal underworld and her exploits are legendary. Jonah shows up as her sidekick and local DJ. Crow disappears. One of the criminals has decided to put a bounty on finding out Black Cat’s identity and is offering a huge reward for information. The hero herself decides to follow Jonah and ends up in a more dangerous situation.

At the same time, Crow finds himself in the heart of a horror comic. As he navigates the pages of the weird story of a scientist doing some weird stuff with rats until he shrinks to the size of one.

This is a really fun comic and the writers have done a great job of keeping the spirit and pacing of an episode of the series. All of the characters are really fun. The narrative does a great job of mixing in the natural flow of the riffs with the tone and dialogue of the comics.

The art in the comic is great. I loved the details and how fun everything looked. The art in the comic is good as well and matches the look and feel of golden age comics. I really enjoy how this story is shaping up and really want to see where it is going.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 #2




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