There are going to be some definite SPOILERS in this piece if you haven’t seen Captain Marvel or been watching Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

You’ve been warned!


In the Marvel Comics universe, both the Kree and the Skrulls have been antagonists for the heroes of Earth. They have clashed multiple times with the Avengers, Captain Marvel, the Fantastic Four and others as both races use Earth as a battleground for their own galactic ambitions. So it was no surprise to hear that the Skrulls would be the bad guys in the Captain Marvel movie that came out this past weekend. What many people found surprising is a twist that changes everything about the Skrulls as they make their debut in the MCU. Anyone who has been following the Kree’s presence in the MCU might not have been as surprised given their past actions.


In Captain Marvel, the Skrulls go from being a war-like race of shape-shifting conquerors to a band of refugees fleeing from the Kree empire. This change is a departure from the traditional depiction of the characters and has its roots in the depiction of the Kree in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on both the big and small screen.


Small Screen Antagonists

The Kree have been an integral part of the small screen MCU since the first season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Not only has the Kree’s Inhuman experimentations been the subject of entire story arcs on the series, but Kree technology and Kree blood was used to resurrect Phil Coulson after the events of the Avengers. The Kree have been coming to Earth for years, conducting experiments on the population to breed a race of soldiers that they can use to defend and expand their empire without risking Kree lives.

From the season one episode TAHITI to most of the fifth season, the Kree have been enemies of Earth’s forces and depicted as conquerors. Their presence in the MCU then expanded to the big screen.

Ronan the Accuser


The Kree made their big screen appearance in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie through the world-ending machinations of Ronan the Accuser. In the galactic part of the MCU, the Kree have ended their war with the Nova corps and their homeworld of Xandar. Even though the Kree empire has signed a peace treaty with the Nova Corps, the fanatical Ronan continues to utilize his Kree forces in a genocidal campaign the wipe out Xandar and its inhabitants. The Guardians have to stop Ronan from using one of the Infinity Stones to accomplish his goals.


The Captain Marvel film continues to utilize the Kree as galactic conquerors with Carol Danvers being brainwashed into thinking that she is the Kree warrior Vers and sent out with Star Force to hunt down and destroy the Skrulls. Where the Skrulls end up after the events of Captain Marvel and the upcoming Avengers Endgame is anyone’s guess, but Ronan has already promised to return for Carol. Even if he’s been eliminated after the events of Guardians, his vendetta against Captain Marvel could continue in her adventures in the past.




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