Doom Patrol

DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 4

Cult Patrol

In an average home in Utah, a young couple celebrate the life of their young son Elliot. Throughout his life, more celebrations follow and as he gets older, strange writing is visible all over his skin. He’s been told he is destined to save the world and his father begins to have doubts about what they are grooming his son to be.


On his 18th birthday, his father tells him that he needs to run and that he is going to end the world rather than save it. When his wife cuts his throat over it, Elliot runs. Sorcerer Willoughby Kipling sees the signs that the Cult of the Unwritten Book are active again and coming after him. Cliff continues to think about his daughter and when he wakes up with Jane next to him, she immediately reverts to one of her alters and screams at him. While Cyborg tries to come up with a plan to find the Chief, Rita feels the cold shoulder from her previous conversation with him.


After talking to Larry, Kipling arrives looking for Chief as well and when he finds out that he’s gone, he enlists the Doom Patrol to find and protect Elliot. A task easier said than done when the boy decides to kill himself, Kipling decides to kill him, Larry keeps trying to communicate with the entity inside him and Cliff and Jane get trapped in the demon dimension.


This is another fun episode that does a great job of showcasing how hard it is for these people to work together even for a common goal. Jane’s story is getting more interesting each episode and Cliff’s attempts to be a surrogate dad to her are going to push her over the edge. Rita’s reluctance to help continues to be a product of her refusal to evolve beyond her past, but there is a moment of growth from the character that is worth watching.


Cyborg is utilized well in the episode and the clash he continues to have with the rest of the team continues to be entertaining. Can’t wait to see what happens next and be pleasantly surprised by how insane it will be.


Doom Patrol S01XE04




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