The Umbrella Academy


Season 1 Episode 10

The White Violin

A young Reginald Hargreeves says an emotional goodbye to the woman he loves before departing a world at war. A world that looks strangely alien as rockets shoot off into the air.

On Earth, Hargreeves finds himself in what looks like the late 19th to early 20th century where his tale begins.


Back in the present, Vanya has fully embraced her powers and all the darkness that has been building inside her for her entire life. In her rage, she revisits the anger of her youth as she causes destruction throughout the Academy. After confronting Pogo about what he knows, Vanya lays waste to the Academy, murdering Pogo and Grace in the process.


Hazel and Cha-Cha have a conversation with the Handler where they are given clear instructions to protect Vanya and allow the apocalypse to happen. The siblings regroup at a bowling alley to decide what to do next and the Handler sends troops to murder them. In the resulting firefight, they manage to escape after Allison has Luther give her daughter a heartfelt message from her.


Five is called away by the Handler and given a choice. When he leaves, Hazel returns and kills the Handler. He betrays Cha-Cha and allows the siblings to get into the theater to try to stop Vanya. Luther’s plan is to kill her, but Allison thinks there is another way and when their plan brings forth the very apocalypse they were trying to prevent, Five comes up with a plan that might stop this entire chain of events from even happening.


Everything coming to light in this episode. All of the plot points laid out and more mysteries created make this finale worth watching every scene. Even without saying a lot, Ellen Page gives a chilling performance as Vanya using facial expressions to convey complex emotions. This is a great finale that raises the bar for everything to come.

The Umbrella Academy S01XE10




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