The Silver Coin #4

Image Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Michael Walsh

Colors by Michael Walsh and Toni Marie Griffin

Letters by Michael Walsh

The Rundown: In a dark future, a woman on the run will discover a dark power.

In a walled off city in the future, the police use sophisticated drones to watch the population. As one of the drones goes over the wall, it finds three people attempting to rob someone. After one of them, Bragie, completed the deed, the police drone comes after her and her friends. Fleeing for their lives, the drone attacks and Bragie has only moments to decide what to do next.

After escaping to the depths of the world, she discovers what might be the center of the change the world has gone through along with the silver coin. A coin that will give her untold power and send her on a mission against the future society hunting her down.

The Story: I’m usually not a fan of horror stories that take place in the future, but Lemire crafts an interesting story that not only grabbed my attention, but kept me so invested in this world that I wanted more. The horrors of the society are intriguing and adding the element of the silver coin only makes them more horrific. I like the straightforward nature of the story and how it progresses. An interesting, intriguing and entertaining submission to this anthology.

The Art: Walsh delivers some impressive visuals throughout this issue. The body horror elements are visually striking and the action is thrilling.

The Silver Coin #4



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