The Rocketeer: In the Den of Thieves #2

IDW Publishing

Written by Stephen Mooney

Art by David Messina

Colors by David Messina

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: Cliff goes looking for Peevy and gets some unexpected help.

Cliff is still having issues not being able to be the Rocketeer anymore. Even as his career and personal life continue to get better, he misses the adventure. Something else is missing in his life as well, Peevy.

Unable to find his friend, Cliff discovers that the Nazis have been in the hanger. While the disabled rocket pack is still there, Peevy is missing and Cliff will go to anyone he can to get help. When he’s turned away by everyone, a mysterious ally shows up to help while Peevy himself is given an offer he can’t refuse or it will mean the end of a young girl’s life.

The Story: A thrilling, fun adventure from Mooney filled with tension and suspense. I really like the serious tone of the story and how Cliff is evolving as a character. The plot has some great moments for him and I really liked the revelation of how much he needs and counts on Peevy. There are a couple of great surprises and reveals in the story as well and I am excited to see what happens in the next adventure.

The Art: Messina delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. Beyond the great character moments, the overall classic look of the art allows for scenes that look like posters I would hang on my wall.

The Rocketeer: In the Den of Thieves #2



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