The Roadie #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Tim Seeley

Art by Fran Galan

Colors by Fran Galan

Letters by El Torres

The Rundown: Joe and Shelby go straight to hell.

Joe and Shelby finally make it to California and the safety of Joe’s friend Christian. They both know something is wrong when they see that Christian has amassed a large following for his new music and he looks younger. After being taken to his green room, he reveals the truth about the deal he made with Uraghal. A deal that will bring both of them straight to hell and in the presence of the demon and her followers.

After finding themselves in hell, Joe learns the truth about Shelby from her mother. A truth Joe will use to not only stop the demon, but unleash something more powerful. Something that will require a deal in order to free them both from the underworld.

The Story: Seeley brings this story to an entertaining conclusion filled with great action, tension and humor. Joe’s arc throughout the series has been great and all of his choices have led to some great moments in the finale after embracing who he is. I love the twist in the story and how it serves the characters in their final moments. A great read with characters I hope to see again.

The Art: Galan delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. The visuals are fun, engaging and beautifully craft the world of these characters and the tone of the story.

The Roadie #4



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