The Riddler: Year One #1

DC Comics

Written by Paul Dano

Art by Stevan Subic

Colors by Stevan Subic

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Edward Nashton takes his first dangerous steps into a deadly future. 

Edward is sick and tired of the rot permeating every alley and street of Gotham City. He also feels powerless both in the street and at work with people taking credit for his work and making him feel small and invisible. The only thing he has to cheer him up are the puzzles that feed his brain. 

When he discovers some financial irregularities in a case he’s working on, he finally takes the initiative to be seen by his boss. Unfortunately, he finds only corruption everywhere in the city and even the people he thought he knew. The only thing he finds that is a slight comfort is the dark vigilante that is fighting against it. 

The Story: A wonderfully entertaining and thought provoking study of a character taking the first steps on a dark journey. I like the build up of the story and how Edward isn’t portrayed as some menacing sociopath, but someone who has a darkness within him that clouds how he sees the world. Dano is taking the character on an intriguing and engaging journey in this first issue and his revelations about the city and its corruption make me intrigued about where his story will go next. 

The Art: Subic delivers some beautifully engaging art that captures the emotions of the character and visually pulls the reader into his world. 

The Riddler: Year One #1



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