Detective Comics #1065

DC Comics

Written by Ram V

Art by Rafael Albuquerque

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: A new danger arrives in Gotham and Batman might not be prepared to face it without help. 

The yacht carrying the Orghams is under attack by Ubu and the League of Shadows. As the police attempt to hold them back, Batman intervenes. His attempt to stop the attack is successful, but not without personal cost leaving him vulnerable and in need of help from an unexpected source.

In the aftermath, Ubu looks for help only to discover that Two-Face has a new employer. At the same time, Prince Arzen takes his first step towards securing Arkham for his purposes as the Dark Knight is sidelined and vulnerable. 

The Story: Ram V continues to craft a dark, dangerous and extremely compelling story in this issue. I love not knowing the motivations of the villains and seeing their plans unfolding every issue. I love the dangerous nature of the Orghams and how Batman’s self doubt is blinding him to the threat they are to both him and the city. I really enjoyed the surprises in the story and look forward to seeing where it goes next. 

The Art: Albuquerque delivers some beautifully detailed art in the issue. The action is visually thrilling throughout and I love the horror elements in the art and how they change the tone of the story. 

Detective Comics #1065



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