The Old Guard Tales Through Time #3

Image Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Robert Mackenzie and Dave Walker

Art by Michael Avon Oeming and Justin Greenwood

Colors by Taki Soma and Daniela Miwa

Letters by Jodi Wynne

The Rundown: Two more tales of the immortal warriors and their journeys through time.


An old man named Zeus works in his restaurant making fresh pasta. When one of his employees tells him that there is a mysterious woman covered in blood in the ladies room, he goes to investigate. What he discovers is someone that will transport him back into his memories of World War I and the woman who found him as a child and raised him as her own. A woman who loved him, but couldn’t stay with him. A woman who hasn’t aged a day.

Lacus Solitudinis

Nicky and Booker are on a job on one of the most important days of modern history. At the same time, Andy enters a bar on the other side of the country to spend time with Joe as the others go after a man who left a notorious serial killer walk free because of his own distaste for the man’s victims. As Andy and Joe contemplate the big questions of the universe over a drink, Nicky and Booker confront the man with his sins.

The Story: Both stories are exceedingly well written and fun to read. Diving back into this world is great and Bendis pens a story that speaks to the collateral damage that immortality can cause, but also highlights the lasting effects that one act of kindness can produce. MacKenzie and Walker do a great job of having the characters dispense their own brand of justice while also contemplating their existence.

The Art: Oeming and Greenwood deliver some impressive visuals to both stories. The visual styles of both perfectly match the heart and adventure found in both tales.

The Old Guard Tales Through Time #3



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