The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #1

Image Comics

Written by Greg Rucka and Andrew Wheeler

Art by Leandro Fernandez and Jacopo Camagni

Colors by Daniela Miwa

Letters by Jodi Wynne

The Rundown: Two new stories expand the world of the Old Guard.

My Mother’s Axe

During a sparring session, Andy reveals to Nile the history of her greatest weapon and how it connects her across time with her mother. As she tells the story, she cannot help but reveal that its long history did not come without changes that would fundamentally change what it is.

A beautifully written and illustrated story that is not only engaging, but profound in its meaning both to the character and the reader. I particularly enjoyed the aspects of the story that touch on the loss of historical skill.

Zanzibar and Other Harbors

Nicky and Joe find themselves in Berlin in the early 30’s and when Joe gets an uneasy feeling about one of the patrons of the club they are enjoying, Nicky reminds him of similar encounters throughout time. After leaving and taking some time to be alone, they find themselves jumping into action after witnessing a crime. When things get tense, an unexpected savior arrives who has memories of the two men.

A great story with a great message about how helping someone in need leads to unexpected rewards. The art is amazing and beautifully detailed throughout.

The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #1



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