Stray Dogs #3

Image Comics

Written by Tony Fleecs

Art by Trish Forstner

Colors by Brad Simpson

Letters by Tone Rodriguez

The Rundown: After finding more evidence that her new master is a killer, Sophie must convince the other dogs to dig deeper.

Sophie tries to convince Rusty that they need to go back into the master’s secret room. She is convinced that he killed her lady, but Rusty is still skeptical until Roxanne admits that she knows the man killed hers. After seeing the photo, she remembers the circumstances that brought her to her new home. Circumstances that challenge the others to remember, but it is difficult for them.

When the master returns and the other dogs head back into the house, Sophie, Rusty and Roxanne remain outside. When Roxanne smells something strange, she discovers that there is another secret area of the house. An area that just might give them the answers they seek. When the master returns and finds them missing, they have one chance to find their way out and return, but one of them will find something that will unlock more memories from one of the strays.

The Story: Things start to get more intense in this issue. Not only does Fleecs expand the story and its characters, but we get our first real sense of the danger that these dogs face in the home of a killer. The story is filled with dramatic tension throughout and both the plot and its pace are engaging. A great story with a shocking ending.

The Art: Forstner’s beautiful art is a brilliant way to draw in the reader and distract from the danger of the plot. Everything looks great and the visuals do an amazing job of capturing the tension and emotion.

Stray Dogs #3



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