The Midnite Show #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Brian Hurtt

Colors by Bill Crabtree

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: The survivors face their final confrontation with Dracula and the other monsters.

The monsters continue their battle to see which one of them will become the god of monsters. Van Helsing tells the survivors what is at stake and when they discover the reels of the movie that released the creatures, two of the reels find their way to the humans and they discover quickly what happens if a reel is destroyed.

Determined to find a way to destroy the film entirely, the survivors escape and discover quickly that there is no where to run when the monsters team up to collectively retrieve the film. A betrayal will lead to a dangerous final confrontation with the creatures with the fate of the world at stake.

The Story: Bunn brings this story to a thrilling and action-packed conclusion. While I love the series and the premise a lot, the ending felt a little rushed and there were some unsatisfying resolutions to characters the reader barely got to know. That being said, the story is a fun and thrilling romp that ends in true horror movie fashion that leaves the door open for more adventures in this world.

The Art: Hurtt delivers beautifully dark and tense art throughout the issue. Crabtree’s colors bring these dark moments to life and I loved both the details in the panels and how the colors add an extra visual spark to them.

The Midnite Show #4



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