Fall of the House of X #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Lucas Werneck

Colors by Bryan Valenza

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Cyclops stands trial for all mutantkind as his fellow mutants prepare for war.

Scott continues to be plagued by nightmares as he prepares for his trial in Paris. He meets with Gregor and Omega Sentinel and decides to impart some interesting wisdom to the both of them before being brought before the court to answer for all mutants. At the same time, A familiar face prepares to enact his own plan to save everyone and needs Rasputin IV to pull it off.

In the sewers beneath the city, Colossus and Wolverine take out the Orchis forces guarding the area in an attempt to rescue Cyclops while Kitty Pryde rallies the mutant forces around the world to prepare to fight as Gregor announces the impending eradication of all mutants who do not leave Earth.

The Story: Duggan crafts a dark, complicated, compelling and highly entertaining story in this issue. There is a fantastic level of suspense throughout the issue and every moment feels important to the characters. I love the anticipatory feel of the action as each element falls into place and I cannot wait to see what goes right, what goes wrong and what happens next.

The Art: Werneck delivers powerful, beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. I love the moments in Cyclops’ trial as well as the building action with each element of the rescue plan.

Fall of the House of X #1



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