The Mandalorian

Disney Plus

Season 2 Episode 2

Chapter 10: The Passenger

In the aftermath of Mando not finding another Mandalorian on Tatooine, he and the Child head back to the port to prep their departure. Unfortunately, the forces still looking for the Child are out there plotting and their ambush of the pair takes an action filled and amusing turn when one of them tries to steal something important to Mando.

As the duo return to Mos Eisley, Peli Motto has a favor to ask of the Mandalorian. In exchange for information about a Mandalorian in a nearby system, Mando has to transport a passenger and her cargo. Unfortunately, the cargo is her unfertilized eggs and because of how delicate they are, they can’t travel by light speed. Mando agrees and the pair takes off with the Child having a singular curiosity about the eggs.

As they continue their journey, a run in with a couple of Republic X-Wings will force the Razor Crest to put down on a nearby planet to avoid detection. The sequence is brilliantly shot and full of amazing action. Stranded and in need of repairs, Mando and his passengers find themselves on the run from an even bigger threat.

The best thing about this episode is that it gets right to the action and doesn’t let up. With the exception of the Child’s stealing and eating eggs when no one is looking, the story is straightforward. There are great dramatic elements throughout and the special effects are amazing. The X-Wing chase is definitely a standout, but the escape from the ice spiders is awesome as well.

Watching Mando play single father was fun and endearing at times. Especially how exasperated he got with the Child stealing the eggs, but there wasn’t much in the episode that moved the story along. If anything, this was a fun distraction from the bigger story and a well done call back to his previous run in with the Republic.

The Mandalorian S02XE02



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