The Mandalorian 


Season One Episode Four


The Mandalorian (I still have a hard time calling him “Mando”) is on the run with the child. With a price on his head and the guild probably searching for him everywhere, he needs to find somewhere to lay low. Still getting used to the responsibility of have a child with him, he decides to choose a location far enough off the grid that he and the kid can disappear for a few months until he can form a new plan.


Unfortunately, no where is going to be safe or hidden for long.

After making his way to a remote planet, he finds himself forming an uneasy truce with a former Rebel Shocktrooper Cara Dune looking to disappear as a local village attempts to hire him to stop a group of raiders who keep stealing their crops. Agreeing to take the job and bringing Dune in to help, the pair will find the task more difficult when they discover the raiders in possession of a dangerous piece of Imperial equipment.


This is another great episode of the series and does an amazing job of evolving the character for the audience. Pedro Pascal continues to impress in the lead and it is a testament to is acting that he is able to be so expressive behind a helmet. This episode has some interesting and well done quiet, character driven moments that include a sweet love story between the Mandalorian and the widow who is hosting him in her barn. They have chemistry together and the potential for a different life is tempting. Something Pascal plays well in those scenes.


Gina Carano is perfect as Cara Dune. She brings an interesting, invigorating energy to the episode because she seems to be the only character so far that is genuine in her motivations. The fight scene between she and the Mandalorian also proves what a badass brawler she is. Hopefully, we’ll see more of her this season.


Bryce Dallas Howard impressed me as a director for this episode. Her visual style was perfect for this episode which was designed to show an alternate, peaceful life for the character. At the same time, Howard does something no other Star Wars director has. She actually managed to make the Imperial Walker into a menacing presence. BTW, thank the maker the writers and directors haven’t leaned on Baby Yoda as a plot point so much that he’s become a crutch. Each episode has had the perfect balance of cuteness to the adventure.

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