Harley Quinn

DC Universe

Season One Episode One

Til Death Do Us Part


In a scene reminiscent of the first introduction of Batman to the city of Gotham, Harley Quinn crashes a party of the city’s elite. Unfortunately, Joker crashes the party in the grossest way possible and proceeds to take Harley’s thunder as she fights for her life. When Batman shows up, Joker escapes and leaves Harley to be taken to Arkham. A year later, Poison Ivy decides to break she and Harley out as an encounter with Riddler will convince Harley that it’s time she moved on.


The first episode of Harley Quinn is very funny. There are some clever and funny one-liners throughout and the banter between Harley and Ivy is the best part of the series so far. The episode is paced well and the story unfolds in a way that effectively keeps Harley as its focus. I like the fact that both Batman and Commissioner Gordon are background characters in this episode. Harley should be the focus and her journey is very fun, funny and empowering as her psychiatrist past tries to help and inform her psychotic present.


If there is one thing that the series leans on a little too hard is the profanity. I know the DC shows are leaning into the language big time and I am far from a prude, but the profanity was excessive and stopped being edgy early on. It’s the only lazy aspect of the writing as the show tries to hammer home the fact that it is not for kids. The level of graphic violence made that clear. Still,  the first episode of Harley Quinn is a fun and funny journey for the character and it will be interesting to see where this story goes next.

Harley Quinn S01XE01




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